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A little About Us

We offer Traditional Filming along with the addition of Aerial Filming,

Tradional filming captures the main of the action. The close-ups, the emotion.

Aerial filming or Drones are used to get a different perspective or get that otherwise impossible shot.

We cover a wide area of Filming, There's no Job to small.

Live events, Sport events, Music videos, Promotional videos, Corporate events,

At Elevated Aerials, We aim to deliver only the best Aerial shots that our clients are totally satisfied!"

I'm certified by the CAA UK for drone flights in the UK, Also insured for Europe

Here is the Official Drone Operator list from CAA.

Our Services

Aerial Filming (Drone)

Music videos, Surveys, Weddings,Still photography, General Aerial Filming.

Video And Stills are available in various formats.

Video can be recorded in beautiful 4K. With four times the details of Full HD, 4k gives great scope for video.

All operations before a flight takes place. As safety is key flights may be canceled. Conditions for a flight to not take place are, if too winds or Raining.

Standard Filming (Ground)

Traditional Filming is still the most essential and todays cameras need to be good to keep up with standards.

The Lumix GH4 is our workhorse. It films from todays standard of 1080p up to 4k.

The Camera shoot 4k @ 24/30fps or 1080p @ 24/25/30/50/60/96fps.


Typically one hours flight time is enough for most events. But the flight must be planned and arrangements must be made to make flights as safe as possible. Call or message to get a full quote

£200 = 1 Hours flight time with lightly edited video (please note that this is the mimimum time available)

£300 = 2 Hours flight time with lightly edited video

£400 = Day Rate which includes a fully edited video